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openagriculture Staff asked 7 years ago

I want to cultivate the stevia crop. So I need information about it in detail. I also want install a processing or extracting plant for stevia. So is there a farmer which grow the stevia?? and any person who have stevia plant or who sell The products of stevia and export or import Stevia product in India.
asked in Stevia by kartik patel

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openagriculture Staff answered 7 years ago

Dear Karthik,
Please check http://www.greenecosystem.in/fconn/organic-farming/we-are-promoting-organic-stevia-farming.html , Mr. Virk is actively involved in cultivating and promoting Stevia, and he may be able to help you, you can contact them at 9256001700 as mentioned in above link.
Thanks, Green Ecosystem

openagriculture Staff answered 7 years ago

Dear Kartik, Below Mentioned Link will help you in growing stevia. http://www.stevia.net/growingstevia
answered by Ravikiran Khartode