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openagriculture Staff asked 7 years ago

Hi First I would like to thank for this forum. I and my 4 friends are planning to start goat/sheep farming near by shimoga. I need few information on this.
1. what will be the initial cost? suppose if I want to take 100 sheeps/goats
2. how much will be the constructin cost?
3. what will be the climate conditon in order to set up this ?
4. How ofter do we conduct doctor?
5. any other details?
Thanks and Regards, Venu

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openagriculture Staff answered 7 years ago

Dear Sir, Please prefer closed goat farming instead of sheep farming and increase the number of goats simultaneously. The initial cost will be 5 -6 lakhs including construction cost. You have to arrange doctor’s visit twice a month and on call he should be available in emergency. The particular climate condition is not required, but surely have to focus on their diet & sanitization.
answered by Ravikiran Khartode