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Vikas Rathod asked 8 years ago

Hi, I am interested to Open Goat Framing at Gujarat, Can ypu guide me how to start & what are the benefit & disadvantage in this Business. Request you to kindly share the Project Quotation for 50 +2. Kindly let’s know which type of breed will be good for Gujarat climate condition Pls support & guide me.

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openagriculture Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi Vikas Sir,
To start a goat farm you will need to study following factors,

  1. Infrastructure
  2. Finance
  3. Breed
  4. Market

1. Infrastructure : That is the shade required for Goats. This will also need your own space / land to build which you will need to manage. please check following kind of shade, which is easier to build, depending upon your plan you can built a small shade or bigger one.

[ click on image or check link from The Hindu for “Goat shed that is easy to build and dismantle” ]
2. Finance – You need to understand how much money / budget you have of your own depending on, please talk to your areas national banks like SBI etc, to identify how much loan they can give for goat farming. This will be depending upon the documents banks need and you can provide. You can also check with Nabard bank branch in your area. Please check article from Nabard website.
3. Goat Breed – For this you will need to take help from following people,
   1. contact your nearest Krushi Vigyan Kendra ( KVK ) and talk to them to understand what kind of breeds are good in your environment.
   2. contact existing goat farming business’s and visit their sheds, you can also take their consultancy to identify and purchase goats. You can find some goat farms at http://www.greenecosystem.in/fconn/goat-sheep-farm
4. Market – While you talk with KVK, or consultants please check where the market is for the goats, how far is the market, what kind of pricing you will get in those markets.
For Quotation, as we don’t sell goats, we will be unable to provide the same. Please talk with peoples as mentioned in this to understand how much budget could go.
Hope this will help, Do share your experience with us.

Vikas Rathod replied 8 years ago

Thanx for sharing the valuable input
Kindly let’s know Nabard will only provide the load for farmer’s.

What is the guide line for Non farmer if he need to start this goat framing business.
With Regards
Vikas Rathod

openagriculture Staff replied 8 years ago

Dear Sir, which district you are staying, based on that we can help with more accurate information.

Did you visit nearest Nabard office and talk to branch manager, also please check with Regional Rural Bank of your area. Thanks

Vikas Rathod replied 8 years ago

Hi, Its Baroda District,

As i am not a farmer, But still i want start this business. so pls confrim NABARDS will only support & porivde the load for farmer’s.

Vikas Rathod replied 8 years ago


still awtied for your reponse.

openagriculture Staff replied 8 years ago

Hi Mr. Vikas,

NABARD does provide loan to non-farmers for starting small & micro scale business’s into agriculture allied sector. You can read the information from https://www.nabard.org/english/Eligibleschemes.aspx

You can also visit below address for more information or call the number as mentioned here from Gujarat NABARD office,

R Sundar
NABARD Tower, Opp. Municipal Garden
Post Box no. 8 Usmanpura Ahmedabad – 380 013
Gujarat Phone No. : 07927552782
Email : [email protected]

Vikas Rathod replied 8 years ago

I have spoken with NABARD staff member, as per them are saying that they will support only to NGO’s. as the are not proving the load to Individual person.

as i am desperately willing to start the farming buss. Pls support & guide us.

Vikas Rathod replied 8 years ago

still awaited for your response.

openagriculture Staff replied 8 years ago

Hi Mr. Vikas, Sorry for the delay. We will check and reply soon.

openagriculture Staff replied 8 years ago

Hi Mr. Vikas, as per our source of Information, there are chances that since goat farming is based on land which needs to be cultivated to produce food for goats, hence since you do not own land, they might be rejecting the application. Another way, is if you can find a business partner who has agriculture land on basis of which you can seek a loan from Nabard and you look after all commercial and operational aspects of Goat farming. Thanks