How can I get a barren land for development in to a kind of green belt.

QuestionCategory: EnvironmentHow can I get a barren land for development in to a kind of green belt.
openagriculture Staff asked 8 years ago

I am interested to have a barren land from Govt. to be owned by Govt. and only developed by me with the help of people where they will come and plant a tree on various occasions and donate some money for maintaining the planted tree in the remembrance of their loved ones, existing or passed away.

The idea is to have the participation of people in the make globe green drive where they are not in a position to take part because of many reasons.
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openagriculture Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi, Your question is very interesting, not sure how you can deal with Govt. land, as it might be a complicated procedure, but you can definately approch local schools, colleges etc, for your idea and use their land volunteerly which will be good for school/college as well and your passion.

Please, check its founder Mr. Mahendra Ghagare supplies seeds and plants free of cost and works with similar idea of what you have mentioned.

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