How to Start Terrace Garden ?

QuestionCategory: VegetablesHow to Start Terrace Garden ?
openagriculture Staff asked 8 years ago

Since, due to increase in population there is huge demand of fruits and vegetable. Now in recent trend peoples are looking for many substitute.

How Terrace Garden can play major role in this. Because people can effectively utilize their kitchen waste in organic fertiliser production and use of spaces also. So at-least people will feel happy eating vegetable grown in front of their eyes.

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openagriculture Staff answered 8 years ago


to start the kitchen garden require only intrest, simple steps

select the area spread the polythene sheet, oer the sheet spread soil, over that little quantity of cocopeat & vegetable pele & food waste,over that spray EM /cow dung slurry/vermicompost, let it be for 15 days your garden bed is ready

you can spread out coriander seed, greens, pudina, spray the water every 3 days.
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openagriculture Staff answered 8 years ago

what is terrace garden?

                       in recent years many urban areas people undergoes terrace garden for utlising the waste product.they go culturing onopen surface part on building/house and they promote shade for the plant for going kitchen wastes they give nutrients to plant and wasting water will go for irrigating for them. and people in urban areas they also get products and utilised for home purpose it is easiest way…..

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Hi Niraj,
Please, do check this information and website mastergardeners has a great amount of information.