Recent trend : Agriculture is best for Enterprises.

QuestionCategory: Business, ConsultancyRecent trend : Agriculture is best for Enterprises.
openagriculture Staff asked 8 years ago

YES I agree with this point. Can anyone figure out here. Today Agriculture is performing outstanding in which field

  • Production of Raw
  • Manufacturing product
  • Processing
  • Marketing

    Can any one provide details or article on above, Today which field is best for start-up ?

Question Asked by : NIraj Mani Chourasia ( Imported from Old website ) 

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openagriculture Staff answered 8 years ago

HI Niraj,
This article will tell you Why agriculture needs young people and startups
To know what is performing outstanding in Indian agriculture, please read the document “State of Indian Agriculture 2012-2013” at
Hope, this will help you !