Shall we Grow Avocado Near Hyderabad ?

QuestionCategory: FruitsShall we Grow Avocado Near Hyderabad ?
openagriculture Staff asked 7 years ago

Kindly enlighten us whether we can Grow Avocado Near Hyderabad
asked in Avocado / Butter Fruit by vasudhagreenfarms

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openagriculture Staff answered 7 years ago

Dear vashudev,

Avocado can be grown but you need to go for soil test and know the weather condition for growing Avocado whether suitable for the region.

Avocado (Persea americana)

TKD-1, Poll -ock, Fuerte and Perad- enia, Purple H ybrid

5 x 5 m

40-45 kg FYM
1 kg urea
1kg Super phosphate

200-300 fruits/tree

You can also try some plants or seeds at your place and under your guidance you can obserb and do self analysis.

Kind Regards,

Niraj Mani Chourasia