To begin with, What are the procedures to be followed to obtain organic certification for my uncultivated(7yrs) land?

QuestionCategory: Agri Land, Machines, PolyhouseTo begin with, What are the procedures to be followed to obtain organic certification for my uncultivated(7yrs) land?
openagriculture Staff asked 8 years ago

Hello Friends,

I have about 8 acers of land that is not cultivated for the past 7years. I am thinking of beginning Organic farming in this land. So, it would be helpful if any of you experenced guys could help me in this regards.

Thank you.


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openagriculture Staff answered 8 years ago

Dear Suresh,
I hope following website can help you

I am in Tamilnadu and I have good knowledge about, how to get certification here. Probably every state is trending towards organic, so I feel it wont be much difficult for you to start with.
Here are some Frequently asked question.
1. What is Organic Certification? 
Organic certification is a certification process for producers of organic food and other organic agricultural products. In general, any business directly involved in food production can be certified, including seed suppliers, farmers, food processors, retailers and restaurants.
“Certified Organic” assures that products were produced and/or processed under conditions required by National Standards and/or international standards for Organic Production.
2. How long will it take for my land to be certified organic? 
That depends on the history of your operation and your current compliances with certification standards and regulations. It takes two years for annual crops and three years for perennial crops to be certified as organic.
3.What are organic standards?
Organic standards are the set of “rules” which, as a registered organic producer, you must follow in order to maintain your certificate which will allow you to sell produce as organic.
4. Is there any size specification for farm lands to be certified organic?
No, there are no limitations
5.   What do you mean by a Transaction certificate?
“TRANSACTION CERTIFICATE / TC” is a document issued by a certification body declaring that the specified lot or consignment of goods is derived from production and / or processing system that has been certified.
6.     What is the Importance of a TC?
a) As a buyer, he can ensure that genuineness of the bought organic produce is ensured by a third party certification body b) A trader needs to keep this document for every product he purchases and wishes to resell.
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