what can be grown as border crop to protect the major crop from monkeys ?

QuestionCategory: Wild Animalswhat can be grown as border crop to protect the major crop from monkeys ?
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Sambomahadeva, hang some dummy snakes here &there, monkey afraid of snakes or keep langoor monkey as pet in farm
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hi all, i am from himachal and have seen many marginal farmers suffering because of monkey menance. i have studied many methods to tackle monkeys. below are the few which i feel are the best and cheap. first….growing marigold as a fense around the crop. actually monkeys get irritated while crossing marigold. so monkeys avoid going near marigold. and marigold is cheap and sturdy flower and can be grown all over india year around. one thing has to be kep in mind that atleast 6-8 rows of marigold must be planted densly around the crop. farmer can hence save his crop and can earn extra income by selling marigold flowers. second…. growing ladyfinger( bhindi or okra) around the crop. monkeys avoid them also same like marigold. farmer can again sell vegetable to earn wxtra. third… growing prickly pear around the crop. but farmer wont be able to earn any extra income. fourth…. electric fensing….it can be done around the big farms. but again its costly. in addition farmer can keep dogs and langoor to chase them.. plus we have to spread awareness at community level. more and more fruit trees must be palnted in forest areas so that monkeys can be migrated back. they have start visiting farms because of scarcity of food and shelter because of deforestration.

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for control of monkeys please grow citronella grass ie. lemon grass on bunds of fields becoz it generates lemon type smell which repels monkeys.
answered by pawanak2i