Which are the must have machinery for any farm ?

QuestionCategory: Agri Land, Machines, PolyhouseWhich are the must have machinery for any farm ?
openagriculture Staff asked 8 years ago

Hi Friends,
Could you please list out with your justification the ‘Must have Machinaries’ for any farm considering 5 acers of land? I understand that the factors like individual financial conditions come into picture but lets us keep this away for a while.
Eg: I am thinking of investing on a mini-tractor wich does most of the works in my farm (for cash crops), cause anyways i can hire a bigger tractor.
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openagriculture Staff answered 8 years ago

Dear Sureshrshetty,
There are many machinaries you will require for your farm. Just land size does’t determine the machineries you need. You must mention the crops and plant, you will sow in your farm .
Definately tractor play a major role in field, but you can’t do all work with it.
Here are the some machinaries based on your purpose you may require …


Tillage Implements
Sowing Equipments
Weeding & Intercultural 
Plant Protection Equipment 



Harvesting Equipments
Miscellaneous Equipments
Commercial Equipments

Answered by: Niraj Mani Chourasia, imported from old website