what can be grown as border crop to protect the major crop from monkeys ?

QuestionCategory: Wild Animalswhat can be grown as border crop to protect the major crop from monkeys ?
openagriculture Staff asked 7 years ago
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openagriculture Staff answered 7 years ago

Dear Friends,

Offcourse Monkey is menance but protecting field form them require attention!!! If one can make firing bell, which can produce sound like gun shot.

Some other initiatives like planting Bougainvillea in Boundry may be preventive. Since, it has spines and it looks beautiful too.

Spines will keep away MonkeyZZZ !!!

More suggestions and opposition are welcome..

commented by Niraj Mani Chourasia

openagriculture Staff answered 7 years ago


While I feel this issue is really serious in your areas, and after reading following news, we feel we need to collevtively exchange the thoughts regarding solution to Monkey attack problem, we will wait for some more answers from the real farmers who have faced similar problems like you, but unfortunately we do not have a answer for this right now.


Looking forward for answers from others in this forum.

1) Hungry monkeys raid farms in north India as forests shrink – http://www.trust.org/item/20140403102617-cv8xn/

2) Monkey threat becomes major poll issue in Himachal Pradesh – http://archive.indianexpress.com/news/monkey-threat-becomes-major-poll-issue-in-himachal-pradesh/1025765/1

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I have no idea about border crops,but from my work experience i would like to share my thoughts.subhash sharma farmer in yavatmal district(maharastra) also had the same problem of monkeys.So he grows dogs to protect the crop from monkeys.one dog is not sufficient.You might require three to four dogs to handle monkeys.



commented by vikram

openagriculture Staff answered 7 years ago

Its very simple…monkes’s get fear from…big sound..so by making huge noise by any thing or crackers. .they will go…but we need to understand why they are attacking crops..cause they didn’t get proper food in jungles …

commented by Souradeepacharjee1

openagriculture Staff answered 7 years ago

Dear Friend, Though it might seem inhuman,the experience has shown that if you get hold of one live monkey and paint him/her with white or red paint, the others are driven away automatically. The painted while trying to follow his fellows, the fellows think they are being chased. I also have an experience where a certain farmer has used tied dogs around his field to threaten the monkies. DO NOT KILL THEM. (Monkies) Gilbert.